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Taalim Program

By June 14, 2019 No Comments

Astoria Values teaches Standard Arabic to prepare kids for whatever life may eventually throw their way. Many non Arabic speakers want their children to learn Arabic in order to be able to read Koran on their own. This is a very valuable gift for the devout. Others want their children to learn Arabic because there may one day come a time when their children decide that they want to take advantage of opportunities in the Arabic speaking world. Thousands of families decide to leave the United States and return to their home countries every year, and it is the children who suffer, as they are ill prepared to be able to acclimate themselves to a country where the main language is Arabic instead of English. Languages are a tool. They are a tool that open opportunity and provide options. Teaching your children Arabic is a gift that keeps on giving and Astoria Values is committed to preparing your child to learn classical Arabic. This is something we are uniquely qualified to do because of our emphasis on quality. We have a teacher to student ratio that is less than half the industry average, and our results speak for themselves. Values make the difference. Trust us to take the fear out of your child’s learning journey.