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Slime Class

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It’s Slime Time!

Science Behind Slime

We offer slime class in our center. This slime class will give your child to cultivate their love of science through hands-on experimentation with non-toxic chemistry! In this workshop, students will learn the basic science behind their favorite slimy polymer and how the magic is all in the ingredients. This is not your average slime workshop; your child will have clear knowledge about the chemistry behind slime and clean hands!

What the children will learn

  • Experimentation

Children are naturally curious and enjoy the process of experimentation, so we will use this workshop to address the importance of safe experimenting practices with your child. Students will be encouraged to embrace their inner scientist, while also being responsible with their experiments.

  • Chemistry

Chemistry is the name of the game when it comes to making slime. Students will be taught the basics of the field of chemistry, how elements work together to build our world, and how we can play with chemical compounds to make new and amazing materials. Your child will learn about the specific ingredients that are needed to make slime and experiment with variations in our kid-friendly recipe. Your learner will leave this workshop feeling like a bona fide chemist!

  • Observational Skills

Throughout this workshop, your student will encounter many different changes in their experiment. Your child will be coached by our Snapologiststo make predictions and share their observations as they work their way through the slime process. This community sharing will help to build understanding and positive scientific collaboration. They’re going to love what they discover!